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Brand: Preethi Model: PCMDF
Preethi Coffee Maker Dripcafe Filter Coffee MakerPreethi Drip Cafe Coffee Makers save timeProduces Decoction within minutes at the press of a button.The unique system enhances flavor and ensures consistently full flavored aromatic coffee.Stainless steel Decoction collector,Water ..
Brand: Preethi Model: PMEP750
Preethi Eco Plus 750 Watt Heavy duty Mixer Grinder 750 Watt Powerful Heavy duty Motor 100% Stainless Steel Jars with flow breakers for fine grinding Machine ground and polished Steel Blades for optimal grinding efficiency High grade Nylon Couplers for smooth trouble - free operation Clear..
Brand: Preethi Model: PrSG110V
Premier Mixer Grinder 110V For Use in USA110V Mixer For USA,3 Stainless Steel Jars,    SLVMDLY..
Brand: Preethi Model: PrSJ
Preethi Mixer JarSmall Jar for Dry Grinding and small quantity GrindingORIGINAL JAR FOR ALL MODELS..
Brand: Preethi Model: PrJJBP
Preethi Mixer Juicer JarOnly for Preethi Blueleaf Models..